Aug 25, 2007

Power Up, People Down

The story:-

TNB project will go on

DESPITE the protest by residents in Rawang New Village, Tenaga Nasional Berhad’s (TNB) project to replace the high-tension wire will be carried on.

Rawang assemblyman Datuk Tang See Hang announced the statement during a press conference held at the Gombak District Land Office in Selayang last week.

Tang said that the high tension wires and the TNB tower sat on TNB land in Rawang New Village and it’s had been there with no reason to have an alternative route.

“Now, TNB is just replacing the high tension cables from 33kb to 275kb and placing a tower. That’s all. The villagers are unhappy being near the high tension wires as they are afraid of radiation by electromagnetic field (EMF) affecting them,” he said.

These villagers wanted the TNB high tension wires to bypass the village,” said Tang, who had requested with TNB to negotiate over the matter but they had declined.

Tang said that 51 families in Rawang New Village will be relocated and they will be paid compensation.

Beating around the Bush

What is the cost of human life against the profitability of a large corporation? Will TNB come out in the open as to why they declined to further negotiate on the matter? Talking about compensation – I just hope that the 51 families are not played out on the quantum

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