Aug 14, 2007

Deadly Driver

Now that I have done with some preliminary posts, it back to the central of this blog’s theme – beating around the bush. To start off, is this story from the online newspaper, TheStar.

The Story:-

Driver broke every law – and got away with it

PETALING JAYA: Rohizan Abu Bakar had committed every traffic offence possible and yet the system failed to keep him off the road.

The 37-year-old bus driver, who was killed with 19 of his passengers in one of the country's worst road accidents, habitually broke road rules over more than six years and chalked up 13 summonses - none of which have been settled - totalling RM1,980.

Rohizan had been caught speeding six times, for not wearing a seat belt, not producing a driving licence and driving a bus which did not have a permit.

He had accumulated enough demerit points to have his licence revoked but no authority ever caught on.

However, The Star found all of Rohizan's wrongdoings by checking – a social service website.

Beating around the Bush:-

If the driver committed every traffic offence possible, then where was the enforcement on the previous offences?

If the police or the Transport Ministry turned blind eyes to this, then they are liable to the death too.

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