Oct 11, 2007

Soft Acts

The story:-

Cross Country: Firm ordered to stop dredging

SEREMBAN: A company dredging sand along the banks of Sungai Linggi, barely a kilometre from the only water treatment plant serving Port Dickson and parts of Rembau, was ordered to shut down operations yesterday.

Although operating with a valid permit, they were directed by the Seremban district office to stop operations immediately.

This was after the plant, run by the state Water Supply Department (JBA), could not treat the river water effectively due to high levels of colloidal dispersion, forcing several shutdowns or reduced production.

This led to supply cuts in Port Dickson and parts of Rembau and Rantau since Monday, about the same time the dredging began in that particular area.
State Energy, Water and Telecommunications Committee chairman Datuk Rais Zainuddin said it was very clear that the dredging was taking place too close to the plant.

“There is not enough time for sedimentation to take place before water flows into the plant for treatment,” he told reporters at the plant, near Rantau.

Rais, accompanied by JBA officials, spent about an hour checking the damage.
He was concerned as Hari Raya was just around the corner.

“This is the only plant serving these areas. It treats 136.5 million litres of water daily.

“What is going to happen if JBA has no choice but to cut the supply during the festive period?”

Beating around the Bush

What’s wrong with government officials? Either they are too dumb or too reckless to allow a problem to prolong for a long time.

One usual issue is where there are logging or construction activities near water catchment or treatment plant – approvals is given without any thought of potential problem to the catchment areas. Latest is dredging too near to the treatment plant.

Everything is “OK” until the problem hits them on their face.

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