Aug 22, 2007

What else is wrong?

The story:-

Blacklisted bus in yet another fatal accident

GUA MUSANG: A blacklisted bus and a sleepy bus driver with outstanding summonses led to yet another crash that killed a Cambodian passenger and seriously injured four others.

The driver of the express bus fled the scene when he realised that one of his 29 passengers had died on the spot after he lost control of the vehicle that skidded and overturned at Km30 of Jalan Kuala Krai-Gua Musang at 1am yesterday as it headed towards Kuala Lumpur.

The roof of the bus caved in and it took rescuers two hours to extricate Punmin @ Benjamin Ali from Cambodia, said state police chief Senior Asst Comm I Datuk Abdul Rahim Hanafi at a press conference.

Punmin was a teacher active in religious schools in the east coast who had entered Malaysia on Saturday, he said.

Initial investigations revealed that the driver had been negligent and was also sleepy.
SAC Abdul Rahim said police were tracking him down.

The driver has two outstanding summonses in his name while the Triton Express Bus, WFQ 381, has been blacklisted by police after it chalked up nine summonses totalling RM1,920 over five years, a check with the police online summons-checking service revealed.

However, the driver has a valid commercial driver’s licence and has not been blacklisted by the Road Transport Department. The passengers on the Triton bus said they had urged the driver to take a rest after he revealed to them that he had had only two hours of sleep the night before.

The bus left Kota Baru at 9.30pm on Monday with 29 passengers comprising 17 men and 12 women, including three children.

Beating around the Bush

How the Government is going to address the issue of drivers driving without enough sleep? Wasn’t having a co-driver part of the solution to this? Then what happened in this case?

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